Art Journal

Visual Expressions


1. It’s not about the art! It is about spending time in God’s Word and listening to what He is saying to you.
a. Pray and ask God to show you what He wants you to learn from it.
b. Read the chapter to understand it.
c. If an image comes to mind immediately, great! If not, read it again and look for a passage that speaks to you.
2. You don’t have to do a big art project on every page. You can journal your thoughts or just focus on a word or phrase.
3. You don’t have to do the chapters in order!

Colored pencils (provided) work great! Markers, paint and some other media may bleed through the page. If you want to use those:
a. Remove a blank page from the back of the journal (you can also use those blank pages to test colors, practice a design or words, etc.)
b. Trim it to fit your page
c. Place blank page on clear mat (provided) and do your artwork
d. When completely dry, tape or glue* your page onto the Proverbs page.
(* – use a glue stick (provided) – no ‘wet’ glue – it will wrinkle your page)

If you have an idea in mind and need images, or if you are stuck for ideas, you can go to Google Images and enter what you are looking for = (ex. “Proverbs 31” or “Proverbs 1:7, or the picture you are looking for.)

What I (Alison) do:
*When the image I want comes to mind, I either sketch it or trace it, in pencil, on my page. (I use Google images and type in the item I’m looking for, usually followed by “sketch” or “drawing”)
*I go over the sketched image with my black pen (if you want a lighter look, just use your colored pencils).
*Then I fill in with color. (Black and white images look great too – I sometimes just color a small part and leave the rest B&W)
*I usually write the verse in my handwriting, but sometimes use a stencil.
* Always date the page and sign it or initial it!

If you need any help with anything, please let me know! You can catch me at church, or email me at

2016 Bible Reading Plan