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Chapters 3 & 4
Tuesday’s Study Notes


Proverbs 3

January 19, 2016

Facilitator: Susan Corgan

PROVERBS – Chapters 3 & 4 Notes

Hebrew Poetry:

Chapter 3

*v. 1-2 – do not forget teaching; keep commands in your heart
*v.3-4 – bind love and faithfulness around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart
*v. 5-6 – trust in the Lord; lean not on your own understanding; acknowledge Him
*v. 7-8 – fear the Lord; shun evil
*v.9-10 – Honor the Lord with your wealth and your will overflow
*v.11-12 – the Lord disciplines those He loves
*v.13-18 – wisdom is like precious jewels and metals (wealth and value); wisdom creates long life, paths of peace and happiness
*v.19-20 – Wisdom laid the earth’s foundations, set the heavens in place and let the clouds drop the dew
*v.21-23 – keep sound wisdom and discretion – do not let them out of your sight
*v.24-26 – don’t be afraid, for the Lord will be by your side
*v.31-32 – Do not envy a violent man – the Lord detests a perverse man
*v.33-35 – God curses the wicked; blesses the righteous; gives grace to the humble; honors the wise; shames the fool

*wisdom benefits our health
*tree of life equates to eternal life
*ornament to grace your neck – not just for us to wear, but also for others to see
*v.1-4 – we need to balance truth and mercy with love and faithfulness
*v.5-6 – trust is faith; releasing all my control; leaning on God and believing that He won’t let me fall; my understanding is so limited and God’s perspective is so big; we trust God because He is good; He keeps his promises; we must know Him, in order to trust Him.

* I should focus on things people are doing right, rather than criticizing the wrong


Proverbs 4

Chapter 4

* v.1-2 – Listen
*v.3-4 – Keep my commands and you will live
*v.14-17 – Avoid the path of the wicked
*v.18-19 – Righteousness vs. wickedness – light vs. darkness
*v.23 – guard your heart

*v.23 – your heart = your soul; your inner being; seat of consciousness; core of decision making; center of our mind; our emotions; our will. Not just the intellectual facts, but the deeper essence of who you are. Our heart reflects our character. Meditating on the Word keeps our thoughts captive.
*”Garbage in, garbage out” – we should be careful of what we read, watch, etc.
*Life springs from the heart – everything flows from your heart.

* I need to guard what I hear and what I see, in order to guard my heart.
*I need to fix my eyes on Jesus. This will guard my thoughts and keep my thoughts captive to Him.

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