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Chapters 1 & 2
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Proverbs 1


Proverbs 2

January 12, 2016

Facilitator: Pat H.

PROVERBS – Chapters 1 & 2 Notes

One of the “Wisdom” books
Guides – not guarantees
Practical, thoughtful sayings to help you think.

Chapter 1

*Written by Solomon, son of David, King of Israel; Mother was Bathsheba
*Purpose – to teach wisdom, discipline; manual for living; understanding words of insight
*Gives knowledge and discretion to the young (v. 4)
*For the wise and discerning (v. 5)
*Listen to your father’s instruction (when your father corrects you) or do not forsake your mother’s teaching (v. 8)
*whoever listens to God, will be safe and live without fear of harm (v.33)

*Written by Solomon, to help us to understand God’s promises and wisdom.
*1 Kings 3:9 – Solomon asks for an understanding heart
* v.7 is the first ‘proverb’
*Fear of the Lord – awe, respect; total dependence on God
*We need to acknowledge that God is the source of all truth
*Listen to your earthly father, as well as your heavenly Father
*chains to adorn (v.9) – wealth that we receive from our Father; a gift to us
* v.9-19 – warnings for those that seek ill-gotten gains
* v.20-23 – If we follow God’s warnings, he will pour His heart (spirit) out to us and make His thoughts known to us
*We have a choice – are we going to listen?
*What other voices compete with wisdom? Fear, greed, foolishness, jealousy, pride, etc.
*When I hear the other voices, I need to choose wisdom.

Chapter 2

*Store commands up in our hearts and apply our hearts to understanding. (v.1-2)
*Concentrate on what we are hearing – study, read the Word (search as if for treasure)
*Be prayerful when seeking understanding (v.3)
*Benefits of listening to His wisdom – victory, a shield, protection, to know the right path
*Wisdom and knowledge from God is like putting on armor to protect us.
*”Thus” – this is how (v.20)
* v.21-22 – referring to the Israelites
*I can listen to others speak or read (passive), but if I do the work, I receive more (active). God honors our seeking heart.
Fear of the Lord

Musings from Merry A.

Have you ever wished God would give us the wisest of instruction on how to live our lives? Well, He has! The book of Proverbs was written by the wisest of men, Solomon, who was inspired first and foremost by the Holy Spirit. The book is full of practical insights and guidelines for life, written in short concise sentences that convey moral truth.

One of our main desires as humans is to soak up and absorb as much knowledge as possible. We put so much emphasis on building universities, schools and institutes so that we can learn and teach about the world and about life. However, knowledge is good, but a vast difference stands between knowing the facts (knowledge) and applying these facts to our lives (wisdom). Wisdom and true knowledge starts from our “fear of the Lord.” (Proverbs 1:7).

As you read Proverbs, listen to the thoughts and lessons from the Holy Spirit and apply these truths to your life. Don’t just read proverbs; act on them!

Musings from Rachael C.

I am always drawn to the verses that talk about safety in the Lord. That is my peace.
Proverbs 1:33 “But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be at rest from fear of evil.”

2016 Bible Reading Plan